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We Are Specialists in Providing Private Tours in Japan

Japan in your BackPocket

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- Our well-planned and unique Private 9 Days Tour focuses on the 3 major destinations that mix perfectly the modern/traditional culture and relaxing beach time in Japan that you wouldn't want to miss!  All you have to do is get a flight to Japan and we will take care of the rest!

- Our Private One Day Tour in TOKYO allows you to experience the best part of Tokyo that you wouldn't want to miss! Our knowledgeable guide will help you plan your day. Don't be shy to share your thoughts with us! 

6 Hours

8 Nights, 9 Days

USD 5,250 Per Person

USD 170 Per Person
USD 100 Per Addition

Luxury  Worry-free tour going from Tokyo to Kyoto and Okinawa. Enjoy Modern cities, traditional culture and beautiful beaches!

Specialized tour for the biggest city in the world! Join Ken for a private tour through Tokyo!

Cute Train picture
Touring with Trains!

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