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East TOKYO Asakusa/Akihabara/Ueno

Image of Senso ji in Asakusa, Tokyo

$170 Per Person
$120 Per Each Addition

Itinerary and details

Tours do not include lunch price or transportation (train tickets) fees for customers. 
-Train costs approx. $20 or less per person


Experience Tokyo's vibrant contrasts with a visit to Akihabara's anime and electronic shops, Asakusa's ancient temples, and Ueno's cultural heritage. Discover the latest trends in pop culture and gaming, explore Japan's traditional history, and indulge in delicious tonkatsu cuisine. From the bustling energy of Akihabara to the peaceful charm of Asakusa, this tour offers something for everyone. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore these iconic Tokyo neighborhoods with a knowledgeable guide!


11:00 AM - I Will Pick You up at Your Hotel

  • Visit Sensoji temple for Mikuji and prayer

  • Explore Nakamise street for street food

  • Check out Donki area and Rokku Broadway

  • Visit Asakusa Yokocho and Hoppy Street

  • Take a picture of Skytree location

  • Cross Sumida River and take in the view from Komagata Bridge

12:30 PM - Lunch in the Asakusa area (tonkatsu recommended)

13:30 PM - Ueno

  • Start at Ueno Station

  • Walk through Ameyoko/Ameyokocho market

  • Visit Ueno Park and take a ride on the Swan boat

  • Check out the Uniqlo area for shopping

  • Have dinner at a local restaurant in the area

  • Visit a museum (optional)

  • Check out the Ueno Koen Torrii line

15:30 PM - Akihabara

  • Explore the Denkigai (Electronic Town)

  • Visit the Gigo building near Super Potato

  • Check out Super Potato for retro gaming

  • Visit the Animate building for anime merchandise

  • Browse Bic Camera for electronics

  • Try the Katsu sandwich vending machine

  • Visit the Monster Hunter Cafe (optional)

  • Enjoy Honey Toast (optional)

17:00 PM - End of tour

Please keep in mind that this itinerary is just a suggestion and can be adjusted to meet your customers' needs and preferences. Also, the duration of each activity may vary depending on the crowd size, weather, and other factors.

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