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Fishing in Yokohama

Updated: Feb 26

January 19th 2024


Today, I and 4 of my friends went to Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref. for a fishing expedition. We woke up 05:00 and took the 06:00 train to Yokohama. We arrived at around 07:00. When we arrived, we were able to reserve a fishing boat that was specialized in commercial ocean fishing for 5 hours.

Between the 4 of us, we were able to catch 110 Aji or Horse Mackerels. On the way back we even cut some up and ate them right there on the boat. Hard to beat the freshness of something like that!

When we got back to the share house, instead of taking a break, we all went upstairs, we went straight to work, preparing the fish for a feast we wanted to share with the others! We prepared deep fried horse mackerel, minced horse mackerel, fried fish bones, homemade tartar sauce and sushi. We had a turn out of around 12 people and I would say it was a great success!

I always wanted to go ocean fishing in Japan so I am happy I was able to have the chance!







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