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Snowboarding in Japan!

February 25th, 2024

This weekend, me and two of my friends went snowboarding in Niigata. We decided to come back on the same day which means that we had to wake extremely early to make that happen. We took the bullet train from Tokyo station at 06:30 and arrived in Niigata at 08:00. Once we got fitted in our rental snowboard gear that we received near the ski resort, it was 10:00 am and we began skiing.

After about 3 hours of non-stop falling on my butt, we had lunch. We enjoyed a nice miso ramen full of chashu. After being exhausted from skiing, the ramen was extremely refreshing. After lunch and a well deserved break, we went back out to snowboard some more. We were out for about 3 more hours before we called it a day. I feel as if I improved, but I still have a lot to learn.

When we returned our snowboarding gear and changed clothes, we went over to the hot spring to wash up. It was perfect to get in the hot natural spring water after skiing in the cold all day. I felt like it was the highlight of the trip!






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