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Tour, Batting Center, Dinner and Karaoke with Friends!

Updated: Feb 25

February 11, 2024 This weekend I had a tour with a couple from the UK. They asked many interesting questions and seemed to have a great time on my tour. I showed them around both East and West sides of Tokyo, but unfortunately, they got a little tired and we had to end the tour a bit early. After I finished the tour, my friends and I went to a batting center at the top of an electronic store in Akihabara. I did not do as good as I wanted, but I am determined to try to get better! The following day, I went shopping for snowboarding supplies such as gloves, a snow hat and some goggles, because we are planning to go snowboarding next week. There was a whole are of Tokyo dedicated to sports gear near where I live and I enjoyed exploring the many shops there.




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