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Tokyo Life over the Weekend

February 4th, 2024 This weekend, I decided to go visit the famous Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo. This shrine is dedicated to all of the fallen Japanese soldiers who laid down their lives for their country.

The shrine was in pristine condition and it was absolutely alluring. I appreciated the surreality of stepping away from the bustling city of Tokyo while still being at the heart of it all.

The best thing about visiting the shrine was the Yushukan Museum that was located on the shrine grounds. This museum had displays from all eras of Japanese history, as far back as records have been discovered. After visiting the shrine, I went rock climbing with some of my friends in Akihabara. Since I live very close to there, it is always very convenient to get to. It was my first time going rock climbing in Japan and I plan to keep going as much as I can!

When we came back to our share house, we attended a sushi rolling party. We had 13 members of our share house attend and while rolling our sushi, we chatted and talked until the end of the night. 2024年2月4日






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